January 5, 2017- It's the Best Year Ever!!

January 5, 2017- It's the Best Year Ever!!

Happy 2017 everyone! I can’t believe we have hit FEBRUARY of this new year. I’ve been so negligent with you all (if there is anyone out there who stops in to read this nearly abandoned blog).

Does anyone here have a favorite number? When I was a teenager, I had this great idea that I needed a favorite number. It was the summer of my first world teenager problem that I needed a number. I thought and thought and came to the conclusion that 17 would be my number for life.

Now, this may sound like some New Age self-actualization nonsense, but after I picked a number, I saw it everywhere. When I was a kid, my address was Box Number 217. On my sixteenth birthday, I got a horse who was seventeen years old. For two and a half years, I lived in Room 217 of Fields Hall while I attended college at Morehead State University. 

Time after time, 17 showed up in my life with heaps of good things!

Now that we have entered the year 2017, this has to be the best year of my life. While I’d love to be an incredibly wrinkled lady celebrating her 138th birthday on the Today Show, we know that isn’t gonna happen so this is my only chance at the year ’17.

It means 2017 is going to be a year I will never forget.

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been a dreamer. While my sunglasses aren’t rose-colored, they do have a definite shade of pink. I have a lot of hopes and dreams for what I want in my life- not only the immediate future but the coming months. I am so excited that I can hardly wait to share it with you!

With all that happiness, the flip side is true- people like to throw rocks at things that shine. While that has been something I have battled in the past. I will not allow anything to take me down.

I want to use any bumps in my path as a chance to personally grow. There won’t be engaging with toxic people or situations. I don’t need that in my life. No one does.


We all reach a point where we have to ask ourselves- are you happy with the life you are making? Are you being genuine to yourself and can you look yourself in the eye without regret?

This is where you have to be ok with letting some people down and even cutting some people out of your life. Not everyone has your best interest at heart and only are happy with you as long as you comply with their expectations.

I have had more than one conversation with people this year that you have to be your genuine self. You are under no obligation to live the life other people expect of you. It’s absolutely permissible to make decisions other people don’t agree with when your happiness and future is on the line.

Not everyone is going to be in your life forever. The only constant is our lives is change. In the end, we have to be our own best friend and that can mean we act in a way that others may not agree with.

In 2017- my self-proclaimed most pivotal memorable year of my life- I will be my own best friend. I want to be the best version of me. I welcome everyone to follow me throughout this year and see where we end up come next December.


There will be changes

There will be mistakes.

There will be growth.

Goals will be crushed.

And- of course- there will be lots and lots of sewing!

Happy 2017 everyone =)